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RaveHusky's Den
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9th-Oct-2008 02:07 pm - Happy Birthday Kuddlepup
Happy birthday kuddlepup    from a husky :)
Happy Birthday staticfox :)  *snugs*

Hope you have a terrific day :)  *Huggles*
The Meet and Greet for Huskies time has been updated from 1pm-2pm to 12:30-1:30 to accommodate for the fursuit Games on Sunday . So it is starting 30 minutes earlier.

Various events include a husky pull from Shortwave P. Husky  , Husky social and anything else we can figure out to do =) About 1pm we will go to the photoshoot and take a photoshoot of all the fursuit huskies.

If you have any suggestions please leave them here, I cannot promise they will make it into the Husky Panel .
And BigBlueFox will be there to Film for those who do not know . Hope that doesnt scare you from attending as you know his films are clean ;)

Sunday July 29th 1pm - 2pm @ Anthrocon

Art/Poster by jivewriter
28th-May-2008 12:01 pm - Memorial Weekend = Zaps from a Wolf
Well, I would have to say I had an awesome Memorial Weekend this year. I decided to head out to GulfPort/Biloxi , MS to hang out with electropaw and we had a blast. Getting there was long tho, had 6 hours of flight time and 6 hours of Layovers so it was Long getting there but it was totally worth it =)  .    I got there on Friday evening and me and Electropaw just hung around the house and went to bed after a while. The next morning I guess I slept til Noon,  After that we decided to head out for a bit and hit the beach really quick and then went around town. After a while we decided to just chill inside ElectroPaw's house since it was really hot and humid at the same time. Then about 6pm ish we headed out and had some dinner, followed by bowling (EP won btw hehe , but the most important was that were havin fun) I think we got about 4 1/2 games in before our time ran out so it was a really good game. After that we went home and just chilled for the night.

Next day I guess was a bit less to do outside because there was a stormcell over GulfPort and made the lights go out a couple times, and man ive never seen soo much rain pour down so fast before... and dry up so quickly .  I also got to see Champ *does the Champ Wave* and also got zapped by a blue/green/grey wolf as well *giggles*  .   Unfortunately next morning it was just time to go home again but I had an awesome trip and was happy to be able to hang out with Electropaw =)

*snugs ElectroPaw*  :3   Was cool hanging out with ya EP :) and would love to hang out again =)
14th-May-2008 02:26 pm - Happy Birthday RappyRaptor/Blooski
Wanna just say happy birthday to a kool friend kiallamraptor . Hope ya have a nice day and wishes come true =)
13th-May-2008 12:55 pm - Updated My Furry Code
Thought i Update my Furry Code :

Decode my furcode:
FC6acdrs A- C+ D++++ H+ M- P+ R+ T++ W- Z+ Sm++ RLTI a cn++ d++ e+ f+ h* i++ j p+ sm+
29th-Apr-2008 02:31 pm - Its mah Bithday
Been an Interesting 24th Birthday already hehe ^^

First i want to thank northing for letting me hang out with him on the 26th to celebrate his and my birthday and man we had some fun times fursuiting and such =)

Another thing is I guess the pawpet website and several other websites are down for an unspecific time , so im not sure if that will put a jumper on my pawpet appearance or not yet =/ I certainly hope not though.  All we can do is hope that most of it is salvageable or someone within the community would be up to rebuilding the websites needed to have our weekly pawpet dose of fursuit subservients and such.

Else as far as now I have been watching 'The Golden Compass' that just came out but not sure what the whole movie entails around (i kinda figure whats going on but not quite sure) but it is an very well made movie as far as special effects .

Anywho back to fixing my own computer i guess which i reformatted last nite.  Woofles ^^
Have you had a time in your twenties where you really didnt care about getting any older? Well for me this is scaringly the first year i dont want to be older. I think i have gotten past the OMG OMG im 21 i can drink booze and gamble thingy. Now its just a another number for me (Turning 24).  But at least I wont have to work on my Birthday this year which is a relief (I just dont feel working on my Birthday). Anywho Im still going to have fun as I am going up to see northing tomorrow and celebrate my birthday with him (were one day apart) and then come back they after but not such a biggie as when one can just get there easily.

All i wish for my birthday is to still have my health and the people I hold dear (and of course my fursuit)
Well, off to pack my Fursuit =)

17th-Apr-2008 11:40 pm - Alot of Stuff been going on lately...
Wow, A lot has happened to me in the past months i have not posted and yet again sorry for not posting regularly . Hummm where should i begin ?

First of all again i am happy to finally have my fursuit, I get almost daily comments on how cool my fursuit looks and such and they love the eyes and so forth. I have to say I am very pleased with what Scribblefox did with my suit and would love to use him again for another commission =) Also I finally got to use RaveHusky at MegaPlex this year in Jacksonville ; the whole con experience was awesome (except from having my plane from Houstion/IAH to JAX airport diverted to Pensacola for a oil pressure issue they should of checked in Houston) there i got to meet alot of friends and was fun to see them =) (Ya all know who you are =) )

Second of all I am starting to feel old; on the 29th of April i will turn 24 and man i dont want to get older anymore but i guess that is a part of being human (although id prefer to be a Husky *snicker*) . Is there really a part of ya that is really different because of one day seperating you from being a year older ? Up to the Age of 21 I can totally understand why someone is happy to be older but I just dont understand how no one can be happy to be any older after that.  Is there anyone who feels like that ?

Thirdly , My job has been really turbulent lately because our airline lost a ground services contract with another airline which resulted in a few layoffs (so far heard only two are getting laid off) , and just hoping they dont lay off any more at this time. I mean im pretty sure I get to keep my job (so far I am) but im just worried what the future would bring if any reduction in service to Reno would happen. But we are at least guaranteed our service as long we have a certain amount of weekly departures (more technical i cant unfortunately go into due to security) and we are well above that. But it just bothers me that there are people getting forloughed and such . which mean if i was to transfer to Orlando (which is my fourth thing happening btw) , and if I was to move back to Reno, it would be some time for me to get a job back here but i highly doubt that would happen once I move as Reno isnt really a place I would want to move back to. 

The fourth thing is that I might be moving to Orlando soon enough, I have had enough of Reno, dont get me wrong I love my friends and such but I need to get my career started and become responsible that way. I dont want to be stuck at a entry-level HS diploma job anymore; I want a job where I am on a salary and for that i need to go to school and I think there is a few schools in Orlando I would love to attend. Also i have quite a bunch of people/friends down there that would love to see me move there so that makes it harder not to move :)

As far , that is what has happened to the husky in the past few months and what his mind is on. Just been doing that and work . If you havent been to my FA page lately, heres something i got taken at Megaplex 2008 that i think ya all would like *Huskysnugs*  http://data.furaffinity.net/art/ravehusky/1208152479.ravehusky_ronin-indoor044_disp1600.jpg

Also I apologize for not updating more frequent, but I am going to attempt to post more often in the future. Later, *snugs*
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